CITIFIED Real Estate

CITIFIED Real Estate

CITIFIED Real Estate serves individual property owners and investors, partnerships and private investment groups. We Build, Renovate and Manage properties in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) through the Niagara Region in Ontario.

Headquartered in Toronto we are a local and family owned company that offers decades of expertise in the real estate construction, renovation and property management markets.

We look forward to building new partnerships and to serving your needs as an investor. Our partnership will provide you with competitive fees and our services lead the industry in innovation and attention to detail.


We provide construction, renovation, property management and long term investment advice for your properties.

Through CITIFIED Contracting we develop new builds, major and minor renovations, and provide general contracting services.

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CITIFIED Property Management is positioned to provide property management services to the greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) through the Niagara Region of South Eastern Ontario. We provide property management services for single family homes, multiplex units, condominiums and townhouses.

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CITIFIED Real Estate is our long term investment holding portfolio.

More information to come.

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About Us

CITIFIED Real Estate - Building toward sustainable
sophisticated urban communities

Joshua McIntyre, CIM©
Co-Owner & Chief Strategist

Joshua has a professional education in Financial Planning and Wealth Management with over 10 years’ experience in the financial services field. In addition he has over 10 years’ experience in the real estate industry either as an investor or professional.

Brett McIntyre
Co-Owner & Construction Manager

Brett has a formal education in Construction Engineering Technology Management and has a passion for sustainable development. With new build and renovation projects he seeks to find environmentally friendly ways to build or improve the property, while keeping the established budget in check.

Erika McIntyre
Co-Owner & Property Manager
Erika is an enthusiastic, hard-working and organized individual who enjoys providing services in the property management field.   Her costumer service skills and efficiency help her to exceed the expectations of our customers.  
Dave McIntyre
Field Manager

Dave has 35 years of renovation and build experience in all forms of residential, commercial and farm property. For 12 years he has been a G1 licensed gas fitter with experience in residential and commercial heating and cooling. He is also licensed in all facets of safety; confined work space, working at heights, fall protection as well as mold and asbestos identification.

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