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CITIFIED Property Management

CITIFIED Property Management, serves individual investment property owners, partnerships and private investment groups. We manage single family homes, multiplex units, townhomes and apartment complexes in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) through the Niagara Region in Ontario. We work with both short term and long term rentals.

Headquartered in Toronto we are a local and family owned company that offers decades of expertise in the real estate property management markets. Services are provided to both resident and non-resident investors.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with the highest level of service

Our partnership will provide

consistent rents and higher profitability for investors, without the hassle of property management responsibilities. With competitive fees, our services lead the industry in innovation and attention to detail. We look forward to building new partnerships and to serving your needs as an investor.

Benefits to You as an Investor

Our goal is to provide all of the necessary services you need as an investor. This
includes full service property management, maintenance and renovation which keeps the cost of upkeep under control, and financial planning around property
acquisition and disposal. We focus on efficiency and cost controls which helps
investors to maximize profits and own real estate in a stress free environment. We complete all of these goals in an environmentally sustainable way.

The CITIFIED Approach to Property Management

Our sophisticated approach sets us apart from traditional property management companies. Over the years we have developed a wealth of knowledge on what it takes to successfully invest in real estate and maximize profits. We understand the needs of both investors and tenants, which allows us to identify top quality residents that will care for the property.


We provide property management, construction, renovation, and long term investment advice for your properties.

Tenant Selection Process

We have a unique tenant selection process which has resulted in long term tenant relationships with on time payments, and minimal evictions. This is accomplished through proper screening including:

Thorough background checks for every occupant

Credit checks

Verification of all information on the application

Clear communication with tenants and property owners

Property inspections to ensure the property is being properly cared for

Maintenance and upkeep as needed

Use of online tenant portal for rent payments and maintenance requests

Immediate contact with tenant if late payments occur

Provide cost effective environmentally sustainable solutions

Tenant Management

Non-payment and Vacancies

Dealing with Non-payment and Vacancies

As part of the property management process there is a balance between working with the tenant to ensure the property is maintained and ensuring payments are made on time consistently. Our software, the upfront tenant approval process, and ongoing communication and follow up, have enabled us to keep occupancies at or near 100%.

Clear communication with the tenant from the start and ongoing communication around the tenant’s responsibilities sets high expectations, which tenants generally adhere to. Use of our tenant portal, email reminders and the auto debit system are very effective in collecting rent consistently and on time.

If rent is late we are very proactive and the tenant receives a call that same day in an effort to find a rapid solution to any issues the tenant is experiencing. If the tenant is unable or unwilling to pay, the eviction process is started and notice sent to the tenant. Eviction generally takes 3 months on the rare occasion we have an issue that cannot be resolved with the tenant.

We contract with a local attorney and paralegal, which process our legal transactions to ensure efficient proceedings.

CITIFIED has a proven track record for positive tenant selection and many tenants remain in the home for many years due to our tenant selection process.

About Us

CITIFIED Real Estate - Building toward sustainable sophisticated urban communities

Specializing in Efficiency

Specializing in efficiency, we have created an innovative process that reduces overall costs, and keeps our fees down and occupancy at the highest level possible. A few key elements to maintaining efficiency include:

Innovative software that maintains regular contact with our tenants. Automatic software generated tenant reminders, which can also be forwarded to the property owner, so everyone stays abreast of payments, late payments, maintenance requests and other activity at the property.

Tenants are able to set up an auto debit for rent payments. This feature reduces late payments and fees assessed to the tenant.

Regular reminders are sent to both the tenant and the property owner. These might include payment reminders, late payment notices, lease expiration reminders, and more.

The software also keeps track of maintenance and renovations that are completed on the property.

This creates a seamless process for ongoing maintenance and can help the owner stay on top of potentially needed repairs as appliances and other household items reach the end of their expected life.

CITIFIED Services Overview

CITIFIED Property Management is positioned to provide property management services to the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area GTHA) through the Niagara Region of South Eastern Ontario. We provide property management services for single family homes, multiplex units, condominiums and townhouses.

Residential Rental and Management Services for both long term and short term rentals

Maintenance and Renovations of Investment Property

Financial and Strategic Management and Analysis of Investment Property

Residential Management Services

The residential management division works with both short term and long term rentals. Our services include marketing your property and locating appropriate tenants. A turnkey operation for unit turn over, collecting rents and deposits, periodic inspections, ongoing maintenance, and oversight of all property operations.

Our unique approach to identifying and contracting with the best available tenants has resulted in high occupancy rates for long term rentals and a short turnaround time when a tenant moves out. For investors, this provides the highest level of profits at the lowest cost.

Our full cycle management services focuses on quality service to both investors and tenants and mutual respect. We believe in treating both investors and tenants like clients. This ensures that everyone stays informed through strong communication and the property is cared for by the tenant.

Our Management Services Include:

Advertising, showing and marketing the property

Conducing inspections of the property twice a year to ensure upkeep and maintenance requirements are met

Selecting a top quality tenants through proper due diligence, that meets the goals of the owner

Regular client and investor communication regarding the property

Collecting rental income, security deposits and other needed funds

Short term rentals

Renovation and Contracting Services

Maintenance and Renovation Services

In order to capture the interest of high quality tenants a property must be maintained. Completing regular maintenance will also lead to higher property values and faster turn over when the current tenant moves out.

To address ongoing maintenance needs we include a bi-annual inspection each spring and fall with our maintenance package. The inspection includes a general inspection of the property along with evaluating areas like plumbing leaks, testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, filter changes and other general maintenance needs. In addition to that our inspectors will examine appliances, heating units, the roof and other home features identifying any areas that need attention.

It has been our experience that the sooner maintenance issues are addressed, the less costly repairs are. The bi-annual inspection also addresses any tenant care issues or concerns. This process can decrease vacancy periods, by providing a ready to rent unit when the tenant vacates the property.

Our experienced construction and maintenance crew can address both maintenance and renovation concerns in a cost effective manner. There are times when a larger renovation is warranted to increase monthly rents. These renovations need to be completed quickly, in order to return the property to its income producing status. Our ability to reduce renovation times, while still providing top quality work, will increase profits and reduce vacancies.

Sustainability is also important to CITIFIED for both maintenance and renovation projects. We focus on providing cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions for maintenance and renovation needs. As we take care of our world and our environment we provide better living circumstances for everyone. Finding cost effective solutions for investors allows you to keep your expenses in check, while supporting environmentally friendly solutions.

We work with you, to achieve your goals!

Financial and Strategic Management and Analysis of Investment Property

One of the biggest challenges investors face is finding profit generating property and determining when it is best to hold or sell. We offer professional financial services that include analyzing your current portfolio and establishing a long term strategy.

This might include growth and the purchase of additional properties, turning over properties for new opportunities, or selling properties when objectives have been met.
In addition to portfolio analysis we can assist with tax planning and establishing a strategy to keep investment income at the lowest possible tax rates. With evaluation and planning you can create a tax efficient investment portfolio for your real estate holdings.

Contact us today to discuss your investment property needs and how we can partner together.

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CITIFIED Fee Schedule

CITIFIED Property Management – Maximizing net rental income and appreciation of real property over the economic life of the asset, while freeing real estate investors of the administration and duties of real property investing.

Property Management Fees Schedule:

Tenant Screening Only

$ 0 / monthly
  • Tenant Finder/Leasing Fee: One Month’s Rent
  • Initial Setup Fee: $150*
  • Inspections: $200 One off

Full Service Management

% 6 / monthly
  • Tenant Finder/Leasing Fee: One Month’s Rent
  • Initial Setup Fee: $150*
  • Inspections: Included
  • Financial Statements: Included
  • Vacant Management: 3 Months Post Tenanted Property

Non-Resident Full Service Management

% 8 / monthly
  • Tenant Finder/Leasing Fee: One Month’s Rent
  • Initial Setup Fee: $150*
  • Inspections: Included
  • Financial Statements: Included
  • Vacant Management: 3 Months Post Tenanted Property
  • Non-Resident tax filing and correspondence

Tenant Finder/Leasing Fee

Finding a quality tenant can be a stressful and time consuming process. At CITIFIED, we have established a system where only tenants of the highest quality are selected. By locating a quality tenants, you will have the peace of mind that your property is in good hands and the property's integrity is maintained throughout the course of a tenancy agreement.

Leasing Fee Includes:

• Advertising of the Property
• Responding to Interested Prospective Tenants and Property Showings
• Application Processing and Verifying References
• Credit and Background Checks
• Tenant Interviews
• Lease Executions
• Pre-Property Inspection and Initial Tenant Occupancy
• Collecting Security Deposits

Special requests may be accommodated but additional fees may be assessed.

*Initial Setup Fee is credited back by reducing the Tenant Finder/Leasing Fee

Access reports and data that matter most online

Initial Setup Fee
This one-time fee covers the cost of setting up the portfolio and integrating the property into our computerized system. This will also include an inspection of the property with recommendations for any maintenance or renovations needed.
Comprehensive photos are taken for pre-move in review. This includes a property inspection. When tenants move out, post move-out photos are also taken for evidence of the properties condition.
Initial Setup Fee
Twice a year (fall/Spring), we conduct property inspections to ensure:
• Unreported maintenance problems are addressed and resolved.
• Your property will be winter/summer ready.
• All appliances, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors are tested and in working condition.
• Plumbing fixtures are assessed for leaks.
• Appliances are assessed
• Air filters are checked and changed if needed
• Foundation/ruff etc. are reviewed

A photographic portfolio of property is constructed and maintained after each inspection. Inspections ensure the value of property is preserved and maintained.

Move-in/Move-out inspections protect the condition of your property and ensure tenant compliance with the tenancy agreement. It also provides an opportunity to address maintenance issues that may not have been reported during the course of a normal tenancy.

Initial Setup Fee
Financial Statements are provided annually at year end. With Online access to receipts and invoices, these documents can assist when filing taxes.

Online Landlord Portal with 24/7 self-serve access, from any device, to information including custom dashboards and real time reporting. Transform the way you manage your properties with real-time access to all the data you need to make better, more informed decisions. View real-time payments and adjustments and gain an instant snapshot of your collections and document receipts.

A robust resident portal allows us to offer enhanced services by making use of new technologies and improved, web-based processes. The Online resident portal includes; Online Payments, Maintenance Requests, In-App Messaging, Online Applications and Lease Agreements.

Paper-free leasing means more applications, more approvals and faster screening. The result is faster turnover times and fewer vacancies.

Non-Resident Property Owners
Any non-resident of Canada, that owns and rents property, is subject to a 25% withholding tax on gross rental income, and we’ve got you covered for this tax filing and correspondence. It’s also possible to reduce withholding taxes, if addressed correctly. Ask us about the details that may save money on taxes and withholdings.

With this service we are your Canadian agent and withholding taxes are remitted to the CRA as required by the Canadian government. In addition, NR6 & NR4 forms are submitted in accordance to CRA’s schedule.

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Through CITIFIED Contracting we develop new builds, major and minor renovations, and provide general contracting services.

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CITIFIED Property Management is positioned to provide property management services to the greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) through the Niagara Region of South Eastern Ontario. We provide property management services for single family homes, multiplex units, condominiums and townhouses.

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CITIFIED Real Estate is our long term investment holding portfolio.

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Joshua McIntyre, CIM©
Co-Owner & Chief Strategist

Joshua has a professional education in Financial Planning and Wealth Management with over 10 years’ experience in the financial services field. In addition he has over 10 years’ experience in the real estate industry either as an investor or professional.

Brett McIntyre
Co-Owner & Construction Manager

Brett has a formal education in Construction Engineering Technology Management and has a passion for sustainable development. With new build and renovation projects he seeks to find environmentally friendly ways to build or improve the property, while keeping the established budget in check.

Erika McIntyre
Co-Owner & Property Manager
Erika is an enthusiastic, hard-working and organized individual who enjoys providing services in the property management field.   Her costumer service skills and efficiency help her to exceed the expectations of our customers.  
Dave McIntyre
Field Manager

Dave has 35 years of renovation and build experience in all forms of residential, commercial and farm property. For 12 years he has been a G1 licensed gas fitter with experience in residential and commercial heating and cooling. He is also licensed in all facets of safety; confined work space, working at heights, fall protection as well as mold and asbestos identification.